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Vincci Capitol Hotel – Carrion Building

Vincci Hotels

This hotel chain was set up in 2001 by the Calero family. It has four and five star hotels,

Carrion-Capitol Building
Carrion or Capitol Building

always located in new or completely reformed buildings.

Rufino Calero was one of the founders of the Tryp Hotels chain, being in charge of them for 26 years. After the chain was sold, he founded the Vincci Hotels group with his sons and some other members.
At an international level, the chain has 7 hotels in Tunis, 1 in New York and 1 in Lissbon.

In Spain it has hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife, Málaga, Sevilla, Granada, Cadiz, Huelva, Almería, etc. up to 35 hotels.
The chain bases its strategy on three basic ideas: quality in service, excelent location and new facilities.

There are two ranges, the Vincci Selection, five star hotels and the Vincci, four star hotels.

Capitol or Carrion Building

The project of the building belongs to two architects, Luis Feduchi and Vicente Eced. It has 13 floors. In the beginning there was the Capitol cinema, several offices, a cafeteria, a restaurant and the Capitol hotel with 64 rooms.

It is also known as Carrion building as its first owner was Enrique Carrion.

The exterior was made in stone and granite. It was the first building with its ground floor

Vincci Capitol
Breakfast Room

made with reinforced concrete.

Currently there is only the cinema, a shop in what used to be the cafeteria and the hotel. The hotel surrounds the area of the cinema.

For a certain time the hotel belonged to the Tryp chain, but is a Vincci hotel since 2004. It reopened in 2007 after a complete reformation. It has 140 rooms. 120 are standard and two special standard room, the skylight rooms, 15 superior and 2 junior suites.

Among its clients almost a 70% are foreigners. The hotel works with different travel agencies but one can also make reservations through it own web.

Due to its location it is in one of the most important and special buildings in Madrid.

Vincci Capitol
Skylight Room

The Vincci hotels always provide a very special decoration in their hotels, This time the Vincci Capitol is dedicated to the cinema, not only because the Capitol cinema is in the same building, but also because many of the most important films made in Madrid have been filmed in the hotel or show the building. For example the numbers of the rooms are made with the letter style Broadway, known because it is used in the clapperboard during shootings. In fornt of the cafeteria there is an old projector which was found in the store-room of the building and which had belonged to the cinema.

In different parts of the hotel we can see the original plans of the building and its different remodelations. The clients can also have a look at the register with the names of its clients since 1950.



Standard and Skylight

The standard rooms are spacious with the latest equiment. Several of them have a broad

Vincci Capitol

terrace with splendid views.



There are two Skylight rooms located on the 10th and 11th floor of the building, just behind the Schweppes neon sign. These rooms are very popular among the clients, as they offer the opportunity to be on the other side of one of the most photographed places in Madrid.

The decoration of these two rooms is completely different to the rest. It is really a tribute to Schweppes. The wall-to-wall carpet imitates the bubbles of tonic water, the round bed represents the cap of the bottle and the yellow color the label.

The rooms are the same but in their bathrooms. Skylight on the 10 th floor has a shower and the other one on the 11 th floor has a whirlpool tub.

Junior Suites

Vincci Capitol
Room 1201, terrace with a view

Regarding this type of room we have to stress out the one located on the 12th floor. Its windows are exactly above the neon sign.

It has a direct access through the lift. It is called the Tower Suite or room 1201.

It offers a 360 degree view over Madrid through its windows and also from its terrace which looks onto the Royal Palace.

It is a unique room in Madrid with extraordinary views from the city.

Nammu Corner Areas Spa

The Spa of the Vincci Capitol is located on the third floor. It has a whirpool tub, steam bath, sauna, ice-fountain and massage service.

The Spa is open for clients and occasional visitors.

One can reserve it for one or two hours and use it privately for up to four people.

Cafeteria and Terrace

The cafeteria is located on the first floor. It offers a modern decoration and is open to the public.

Vincci Capitol
View from the upper terrace on to Gran Via


The hotel has two terraces. The solarium terrace offers views to Jacometrezzo street and the Madrid of the Habsburgs.

The other terrace is on the Gran Via side of the building. From it we can see the second and third part of the street. Both terraces are open only for clients.

If you want to see more photographs from the hotel and view from it, please click here.

Photographies: Rafael Castañeda Fotografía



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