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Tour #1 - The Habsburg Monarchy in Madrid

We will start at the Puerta del Sol.

We will go in direction to the Plaza Mayor, but before we should have a look at the El Riojano. From here, passing the Calle Arenal with Plaza Isabel IIPosada del Peine Hotel, we will go to the Plaza Mayor.

From the Plaza Mayor we will go under one of its arches to the Calle Mayor. Here we should stop at the Casa de la Villa. At the end of the street, we will turn to the left and reach the Royal Palace.

From the Royal Palace we will first go to the Plaza de Isabel II and from there to the Calle Arenal.

The Calle Arenal will lead us back to the Puerta del Sol.

This tour will give you a good idea of the center of Madrid. You will find on your way many restaurants and bars, many shops and splendid buildings, of course. This is why it is difficult to say how long the walk can take. It depends on you, but I would say that at least you need one hours if you just walk through the streets and places without stopping. Have a nice time!

Map of Tour 1

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