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La Taberna de Cascajares - El Senador

A little bit of Segovia in Madrid

The restaurant El Senador is located at Plaza de la Marina Espa├▒ola, near to the Royal Palace Taberna de Cascajares and in front of the Senate.


Angel Gutierrez Barbolla came to Madrid many years ago. He was born in the province of Segovia, famous for its pork and lamb.
Angel worked as a farmer, but one day he decided to come to Madrid looking for more opportunities. He is a self-made man, who has tried to learn from every experience and who eventually opened his own business over 20 years ago.


Taberna de Cascajares

In his restaurant he offers the typical dishes of his province and, as he says, he is the only one offering pork with the official quality guarantee in Madrid. The pork and lamb are the most popular dishes offered at El Senador, but also the fish and vegetables are excelent.

The restaurant has a traditional design and is visited by Spaniards, but also by many foreigners.

La Taberna de Cascajares

The tavern is located next door to the restaurant and also belongs to Angel. It is an ideal place to have some tapas or portions before continuing our visit of the city or even before going to the restaurant. The tapas are very tasty and varied.

It is a place to recommend and we hope you will like it.

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