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Sweets and Desserts

TorrijasThe typical sweets and desserts in Madrid are based on the mixture of almonds and honey. Some of them can always be found, but others are made only for special occasions.

During Eastern the torrijas (fried slice of bread soaked in milk) are very popular. They are made since the XV century. The nuns in the convents started making them using the spare bread they had. Initially the used only bread, milk, sugar and eggs. This sweet became afterwards a typical Eastern dish.Huesos de Santo

Nowadays the torrijas are also made with wine or cinnamon. This year they expect to sell around 3 millions of them.

The bartolillos are made with a fried dough filled with cream. The huesos de santos (saint bones) are made with marzipan, sugar, water and eggyolk. Both are typical for Halloween.

Some famous confectioner´s are: El Riojano (Mayor, 10), Pasteleria del Pozo (Pozo) well known for its Roscones, a typical Spanish dessert for Holy Kings´ Day and Casa Mira (front of the Parliament in the Carrera de San Jeronimo) famous for its turron, a special Christmas sweet.

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