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Sweet shop: La Violeta

Logo La VioletaIn 1915, Mariano Gil Fernandez opened this wonderful shop in Plaza de Canalejas, 6. Candied natural violets

Mariano Gil was born in Madrid and belonged to a family dedicated to make and sell cakes. But he tried something different: sweets made of violet essence. And it was a success from the very beginning, which is why his shop is always full of clients that want to enjoy his tasty sweets.

La VioletaWe do not know why he decided to make this special kind of sweets, but probably because there are many violets in the  mountains located at the north of Madrid. There are other shops that also sell this product, but the original violet sweet can only be found in the shops of La Violeta, so be careful where you buy them.

Apart from the violet sweets they have other specialities like natural candied violets, candied fruit, marron glace, milk chocolate with the shape of little logs  or the typical Musician chocolate. Candied fruitsThis chocolate got his name from the many musicians that used to eat it, it is made of chocolate with nuts and dried fruits.

You can also find other products like violet marmalade, honey or violet tea.

All products are made in Madrid. And La Violeta received a special nomination as traditional shop by the Chamber of Commerce.

La Violeta shop

Nowadays it is the third generation of the family that manages the business. In the shop located at Plaza de Canalejas, Maria Gil will be happy to show you all their products. About 3 or 4 years they opened another shop in calle Serrano 220. Monica de Prado Gil is in charge of this one.

They sell their sweets by weight, usually to regular clients and also in beautiful porcelain.

The china boxes or cups are made specially for La Violeta and also show the flower on them. Another possibility is to fill gorgeous cut glass vases with the sweets.

This shop has always been very popular not only because of the lovely sweets but also because they are presented in a tasteful and exquiste way. La Violeta shopIt is a  nice present for everyone.La Violeta shop

Today they also prepare presents for companies and for weddings.Many politicians and actor are among their clients. And also many tourists, although they do not sell through internet. If you want their product, you have to visit their shop.

It is said that King Alfonso XIII usually bought violets for his "official" wife, Queen Victoria Eugenia and also for the "second"  one, Carmen Ruiz Moragas. At least in this type of relationship it is the easiest way not to get mixed up with the presents.

Whenever you visit Madrid, remember that violet sweets is one of the most typical Madrilian souvenirs you can buy. But buy the original ones!

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