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San Pedro el Viejo Church

San Pedro el ViejoEntrance door San Pedro el ViejoThis is one of the oldest churches in Madrid. It has a mudejar tower from the XIV century.
First it was called San Pedro el Real and it seems the building was in the square Puerta Cerrada. It was a parish until 1891. As the new parish had the same name, that is when they changed its name to San Pedro el Viejo in order to avoid mistakes. Oddly the new parish was never called this way, but Iglesia de la Paloma.
San Pedro el Viejo is specially well known because of a statue of Jesus el Pobre, Jesus the Pauper. This statue was made by Juan de Astorga in the XVII century and is like the statue of Jesus de Medinaceli, which is kept in the church of Medinaceli.
Jesus el Pobre takes part in a very popular procession on Holy Thursday.To leave the church the men carrying the carriage have to get on their knees as the door is almost too small for the carriage.
Before getting to the church, on the left, in the Principe de Anglona Street, is a little public garden, which belonged to the Anglona Palace. If you want to have a little quiet rest, just visit this pretty garden.

This street was called Street With No Door, because it was made in order to connect the Plaza de la Paja with what is now the Arglona Palace.
Principe de Anglona GardenAs there were no doors, the street got this funny name.
In the area of the Plaza de la Paja are many tapas bars and terraces. It has become a very popular place, especially in the evenings.Plaza de la Paja The Plaza de la Paja (Straw Square) was the place where the straw was sold in the XV century.

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