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San Miguel Market

A few months ago the old San Miguel Marketplace opened its doors again. It is located next to Plaza Mayor.
San Miguel Market was built in 1916. Before there had been a church where Lope de Vega was baptized. The church burnt down and was finally demolished in the times of Jose Bonaparte.
Afterwards a market took place in this area. It was dedicated to fresh products, specially fish.
In 1835 the Town Hall built a new square with stands.
By the end of the XIXth century four covered markets already existed, but they were not enough to cover the needs of Madrid and open air markets still existed.
Finally, in 1909 the current San Miguel Market was built following the style of the markets in Paris with big glass and iron buildings. The market was inaugurated in 1916. It covers an area of 1200 m2 and has two floors.
During the Civil War the market was closed but fortunately not destroyed.
In 1951 it reopened selling mostly products from the areas surrounding Madrid and provided many well known restaurants with its goods like Lhardy, Casa Botín or Edelweiss.
In the last year of the XXth century the activity of the market decreased and in 2003 the building was bought by a group, El Gastronomo de San Miguel,  and the restructuring began.
The whole structure of the building has been revised piece by piece and the building itself redesigned in order to maintain the historic aspects and also fullfil the needs of today. Each stand has been designed individually taking into account its use.
The market wants to be a center of gastronomy.There are 33 stands inhands of professionals that not only sell their their products, but also offer their advise to the clients. There is a flower shop, a fishmonger, a butcher, a bakery among many other stands offering all kinds of food and also kitchen utensils and even a bookstore.
The market will be open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00. The central area will be open until later.

It is a woderful place to have some tapas, drink some wine or just walk around.

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