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San Lorenzo, August 10th

The church

San Lorenzo statueThe church is located at calle del Doctor Piga, 4 in the area of Lavapies.

In the beginning it was the parish of the Holy Cross, which was divided into the parish of San Sebastian and San Lorenzo.

It was known as the parish of the bedbugs.

It was built in the XVII century and burnt down twice. Afterwards it was completely destroyed during the Civil War and reinaugurated in 1950.

It is a very popular church among immigrants from Latinamerica and we can see many of their saints in the differents altars.

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo church
Saint Lawrence was one of the seven deacons of Rome. He was in charge of the administration of the church and he also took care of the poor.

He is the saint patron of the librarians.

bell towerIt is believed that being in charge of the ecclesiastical goods he sent a series of tresures to Huesca, in Spain. Among these treasures was the Holy Grail.

It is also believed that he was martyred on a gridiron. While being burnt he said "This side is done, turn me over and have a bite". Dark humor.


The saint´s day is on  which is believed to be the hottest day in the year. During the processionb they carry the model of a belltower. There is a Spanish refrain that says you cannot ring the bell and be at the procession at the same time.Well, in this case this is not true.

People try to get flowers from the carriage as it is believed they bring luck for next year.

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