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San Jose Church

The Church

This church is located at calle de Alcala, 43.

In 1605 a Carmelite convent was opened at calle Alcala. In 1836 the church became a parish and the convent was demolished to built the famous Apolo Theater. This building belongs now to a bank.
The church was built in times of king Felipe V, replacing the original one,that was a little bit nearer to Plaza de la Cibeles.
The architect was Pedro de Ribera, although the church was finished by Jose de Arredondo and Fausto Manso.

The three access doors have wrought iron gates made by Juan Gil.
Over the main entrance is the cross of the Carmelites and above a vaulted niche with an image of the Virgen del Carmen made by Robert Michel in 1750.
Pedro de Ribera built the façade in typical barroque style, which was remodelled in 1912 and enlarged on both sides in order to adapt the building to the one beside it.
There is a quite thrilling legend told about this church.

A misterious legend

Many years ago, during New Year´s Eve a handsome young man was having dinner with his family. After dinner he thought it would be a good idea to go to some of the big parties that were held at the palaces of the noblemen in Madrid.

He was just standing around, when precisely at three o´clock in the morning the most beautiful girl he had ever seen came through the door. He went immeadiately to greet her and both spent the night dancing together. It was already dawn when she told him, she had to go home. Hand in hand they walked through the streets of Madrid. Finally they stood in front of the main entrance to the church of San Jose. "We have to say goodbye now. Here is where I live", the young girl said. The young man though she was kidding, but she insisted. He got angry, because he thought she was making fun of him and walked away.

The next morning, and about noon he passed the church and saw that a funeral was being held. Curious he entered the church and walked up to where the coffin was. When he looked inside, he saw the beautiful girl he had been dancing with the night before lying in the coffin. He almost fainted and left the church hurriedly.

Suddenly he heart some footsteps behind. A young lady asked him, why he had ran away. He told her, what had happened the night before and that he could not believe the girl was dead. "She was my cousin," the young lady told him, "She had always been in love with you, but was too shy to talk to you. Yesterday night, at three o´clock she passed away........"

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