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San Cayetano, August 7th

The parish of San Millan and San Cayetano is located at calle de Embajadores, 15.

San Cayetano

Saint Cajetan was Italian. He was born in Vicenza in the last years of the XVth century. His name was Gaetano di Thiene and he was a presbyter.

He came from a noble family and studied laws. He founded a brotherhood where priests and prebyters lived together which was something completely new at his time.

In 1524 he founded the order of the Theatines. He wanted to fight against the Lutheranism and also against the corruption in the Catholic church. He dedicated his order to help the poor.He is the saint patron of the unemployed.

The church

In the same place where the church is today, were others which dissappeared.
They started to build the church in 1669. Several architects worked in itsconstruction. It was finished almost one hundred years later.

At the end of the XIXth centruy the parish of San Millan is demolished and moved to this church, that is why it is dedicated to both saints.

During the Civil War the church was almost completly destroyed and rebuilt afterwards thanks to the architect Chueca Goitia. It was reopened in 1962.


San Cayetano´s day in on August 7th and is celebrated in the area around Plaza de Cascorro.

It is a custom to kiss the saint´s left foot. In the afternoon there is a procession. The carriage is decorated with many flowers and people try to get one as it is believed that if you have a flower and pray to the saint you will have good health and a job during next year.

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