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San Andres Church - San Isidro Chapel

Located at Plaza de San Andrés is San Andres Church and inside the chapel dedicated to


San Isidro, Madrid´s patron.

Next to the church is the Museum of Origins. It is believed that San Isidro used to live there. A museum dedicated to the saint was there before. We can still see one of the ponds he found.

San Andres Church was build in the Middle Ages.

San Isidro was buried in the cemetery of this church in 1130. The cemetery was where the altar is nowadays.

Afterwards the saint´s body was taken to the Bishop´s Chapel and returned some time later.

King Carlos III decided that the saint´s remains should be taken to San Isidro Collegiate where they are since then.

The Catholic Monarchs used to attend to mass in this church.

It was rebuilt in 1656 by the architect Jose de Villareal. For the foundations they used stones of the old Muslim wall that was next to the church.

San Isidro Chapel was reformed a few years ago.

Probably the most valuable piece of art we find in the church is an ivory Neapolitan nativity scene from the XVIII century.

San Isidro Chapel
San Isidro Chapel
Dome of the Chapel
Nativity Scene




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