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Real Madrid

Santiago Bernabeu Football Stadium todayFootball came to Spain at the end of the XIX century. In those days there wasReal Madrid Crest only one football club called Foot-Ball Sky. A group decided to separate from it and form a new team, the Madrid Football Club. Of course there was no real pitch and they played wherever they could. In 1902 they celebrated their first assembly electing Juan Padros as President of the club. They also decided to wear white shirts and shorts and blue socks and cap.
Juan Padros´brother, Carlos organised the first Spanish Championship in 1905 and created the Spanish Football Federation in 1909.
The first trophy won by the Madrid Football Club was the Copa de la Gran Peña played against the Español in 1902. Nowadays the Club has over 5000 trophies.
In 1905 the players won the first Copa de España, now called Copa del Rey. As they won the first three cups consecutively they were allowed to keep the trophy.
In 1920 the King Alfonso XIII conceded the club the adjective Real (Royal).
The first Liga Cup was won in 1931/32. By then they had a football pitch in Chamartin, a district in Madrid.
After the Spanish Civil War the ground was destroyed and they had to start again.
Santiago Bernabeu had been captain of the first Real Madrid Team and afterwards became its coach. In 1943 he was elected President of the Club and this was the beginning of the legend.
He built the new stadium, which was inaugurated in 1947 and during his presidency, which lasted 32 years, Real Madrid won 6 UEFA Champion Leagues, 1 Intercontinental CUp, 16 ligas and 12 Copas del Rey. The stadium has beenSantiago Bernabeu Football Stadium in the 1960 remodelled several times, one of them before the Football World Championship of 1982. Santiago Bernabeu wanted the club to be the best in the world and therefore brought the best players and coach.
The stadium can seat over 80000 spectators.
In the year 2000 Real Madrid was chosen as the Best Club of the XX Century by the FIFA.
The Club has over 70000 members and over 1500 fanclubs.

Today, among many other trophies, the Real Madrid has 30 Liga Titles, 17 Copa del Rey, 9 UEFA Champion Leagues, 3 Intercontinental Cups and this is not the end.
For all those who want to visit the stadium and see all the trophies, it is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 (Sundays from 10:30 to 18:30). If there is a football match on that day, you can visit the stadium until 5 hours before the game starts.
You can visit the dressing room, the players tunnel, the coach area, the presidential box, the trophies exhibition and other interesting sights.

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