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The Railway Museum is located in the old Delicias station, Paseo de las
Delicias, 61
. This station was inaugurated in 1880 by king Alfonso XII.
From here trains linked Madrid and Lisbon. In 1969 these trains were
diverted to the stations of Atocha and Chamartin and Delicias station was
closed. It reopened as museum in 1984.

The building was designed by French architect Emile Cachelievre and Spanish
architects Calleja, Espinal and Uliarte. It is a characteristic building of
the iron architecture of the XIXth century. It was built in 14 month and
was the biggest station in Madrid.


Railway Museum - buildingBefore this station was built, the trains to Lisbon had to cross Alcazar
de San Juan and Valdepe├▒as. Once they left from Delicias station, the journey
was straighter passing Ciudad Real.

As the trains only passed through a few towns, they mainly transported
cattle, cork and cereals.

Delicias station has been used several times to film certain scenes of
movies like "Doctor Zhivago".

Currently we can see over thirty locomotives and carriages from 1907 to
, so that it is easy to imagine how it was like to travel by train last

There is also a carriage which was used by one of the director of the
company, with an old bed, a complete bathroom and a beautiful dining room
with comfortable armchairs.

The museum also offers the opportunity to see different types of clocks,
railway items and even an old station.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00.

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