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Cubism at Fundacion Telefonica

Fundacion TelefonicaCubism started at the beginning of the XXth century. It showed reality through geometric images. The same, fragmented object is painted from different points of view.
 Picasso , Braque and Juan Gris are the main cubist painters.

Analytic cubism gave more importance to the object than to colors (mainly grey and ocher). Afterwards, hermetic cubism showed objects from many points of view making it sometimes unrecognizable. They are mostly paintings in one color.

In 1911 a first exhibition of painters influenced by Picasso and Braque was rejected both by critics and public.

Several treaties abouts cubism were written.

From 1912 to 1914 synthetic cubism followed the main lines including letters, numbers and pieces of paper or fabric forming collages.Fundacion Telefonica

As this artistic movement had its main site in Paris, World War I almost finished it as most of the painters had to take part in the war. But Juan Gris (1887-1927) continued with cubism ncluding more colors. He painted his plastic rhymes, i.e. lines that go from one object to the other like rhymes of a poem, so one object is also part of another.

He also influenced many Latin-American painters.

The cubist collection of Telefonica can be visited at Fundación Telefonica, located at Fuencarral Street 3, in the famous Telefonica Building. The whole exhibition is centered on Juan Gris, considering him as important as Picasso or Braque.

Cubism is shown as an artistic movement which has influenced later movements without temporary or geographic limitations.

The exhibition starts with a series of photographies showing the coincidence in time of cubism and the first great improvements in communication.

It can be divided into four parts. The first covers the antecedents of cubism, the second is centered on Juan Gris, the third on paintings made between 1916 and 1925. The last part is dedicated to documents related to cubism like treaties, letters, etc.

The entrance to the exhibition is free. There are guided tours on Tuesdays at 18:00 and Fridasy and Saturdays at 12:00.

Photographies. Rafael Castañeda Fotografia

La fenetre aux collines by Juan Gris
La fenetre aux collines by Juan Gris
La Chanteuse by Juan Gris
La Chanteuse by Juan Gris

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