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Our privacy policy informs you about the proper conditions in which this site is handled.

Uding these implies their complete acceptance without any restraint regarding each and all regulations included in this Legal Disclaimer. If you do not agree with any of them, you must not use or access this site.

We reserve the right to change this Legal Discalimer at any moment. Your continuos use of any part of this site after the notification or announcement of mentioned changes implies your acceptance of these changes.


This site uses cookies, small data bases that are generated in your computer, which are used to send information that cannot be used to provide references regarding personal data of the user.

You can configure your browser to notify and reject the installation of the cookies sent by this site. This will not prevent you from accesing its content. But we take no responibility if this deactivation has any influence on the correct operation of the site.

Web Beacons

As well as cookies this site may also contain web beacons, a graphic electronic file which allows to count the user that access the site or access certain cookies of it. So we can offer you a more personalized experience.

Third Party Actions

In this site you can access pages, promotions, surveys, sponsors, contractors and/or members and commercial services together with other own or cobranded sites, which may ask you for information. This site may share with them information given by you.

The information provided by these Cobranded sites is subject to the Legal Disclaimer Policy or Information Responsibility inscription which appear en mentioned sites and is not subject to this Legal Discalimer. Therefore we advise the users to revise in detail the Legal Disclaimer that appear in the cobranded sites.

Legal Discalimer regarding Advertising provided on this Site:

We investigat our userĀ“s preferences, their demographic characteristics, their traffic pattern and any other information in general to better understand our audience and what your needs. Tracking your preferences helps us to provide you with the most relevant advertising news.

Legal Disclaimer of Tracking Sources used on this Site:

Privacy Data Protection Policy

In order to use some of the services provided or access certain content, you prevously have to provide certain personal data, which will only be used for the purpose they were required for.

The possible information required from you includes, by way of information (and in no case limited), yur name, e-mail address, date of birth, sex, occupation, country and city of origing and personal interests, among others. Not all information has to be provided, only the kind we consider convenient and you will be informed about it.

As general principle, this site does not share nor reveal the information obtained, except when authorized by you or in following case:

  • When required by a competent authority and after fulfilling corresponding legal proceedings and
  • if this site dedcides it is necessary in order to comply with the terms of use of this page or to safeguard the integrity of the rest of the users of the site.

You must be aware that if you reveal personal information voluntarily on line in a public area, this information can be gathered and used by others. We do not control the actions of our visitors or users.

Responsible Behaviour

All information provided by you should be true. Therefore, you guarantee the authenticity of all those data provided by you when filling out any form needed in order to subscribe any of the services, access to content or restricted areas of the site. In any case, you will be the only responsible of any false or inaccurate data provided by you and the possible damage caused to this site or third parties due to the inormation provided by you.

You commit yourself to behave in a responsible way on this site and treat other visitors respectfully.


If you have any question about this Disclaimer, please contact us in any moment with the contact form available on the site or with an e-mail to


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