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Plaza de Ramales

Plaza de Ramales used to be called, before Jose Bonaparte demolished the Plaza de Ramaleschurch with the same name, Plaza de San Juan. Today it also includes the space occupied by mentioned church.

The name, Ramales, reminds us of a battle fought by General Espartero against the troops of Carlos, who claimed the throne when Isabel II was crowned Queen of Spain.

Plaza de RamalesIt seems that the old San Juan church had been built in Roman times. It was consegrated in 1254 and dedicated to the saints Juan (John) the Evangelist and  the Baptist. Until 1639 this was the royal church, where many members of the royal family were baptized.

The church had several chapels where noblemen belonging to some of the wealthiest families were buried, like the Lujanes.

It was also in this church that the famous painter Velazquez was buried. When the church was demolished, his remains disappeared.

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