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Plaza de Neptuno

Plaza Canovas del CastilloThe real name of this square is Plaza de Canovas del Castillo, although almost nobody knows this.

The fountain depicting Neptune was built in 1782 and designed by Ventura Rodriguez. We see see the God standing on a chariot in the form of a shell and pulled by two horses.

Around this area are magnificent buildings like the Thyssen Museum, the Prado Museum, the Hotel Ritz and the Hotel Palace.

The area between  Cibeles and Neptune was dedicated to leisure and the area between Neptune and Atocha was dedicted to knowledge. The idea was that around this square should be museums, institutes, libraries, etc.

Originally the Cibeles and Neptune were looking at each other. In a later reconstruction of the area CibelesApollo Statue was put more or less in front of the Neptune FountainPalacio de Buenavista. Eventually it was put  in the avenue again, but by then both statues were looking at the center of Madrid.

Nowadays it is the meeting point of the football fans of the Atletico de Madrid who celebrate their championships here.

Between Cibeles and Neptune is another statue dedicated to Apollo.

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