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Plaza de Matute

Plaza de Matute Street SignThis square, which is more like a short street or passage, was named after the owner ofPlaza de Matute the area in the XVI century.
For several years, in the number 5 of the square, was the printing press and editorial office of the newspaper "El Imparcial" and also of the famous magazine "La Ilustracion de Madrid", both founded by Eduardo Gasset y Artime, Jose Ortega y Gasset´s grandfather . "La Ilustracion" published many articles and drawings related to typical Madrilian sights and customs. Its director was Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.
Cervantes and Jose Zorilla also lived in this square.
In the times of Alfonso XII there was a well known café called "El Imparcial", where there was flameno dancing and singing, specially liked by the upper classes of society. There were also many quarrels and fightings. Many famous singers and dancers performed in that café. It had a beautiful exterior of tile, which will be rebuilt in due time. Also in the interior are tiles reproducing a bullfight arena.

Casa de Perez Villamil in Plaza de MatuteIn number 10 of the square we have the Casa de Perez Villamil. It was built between 1906 Balconies. Casa de Perez Villamil in Plaza de Matuteand 1908 by Eduardo Reynals Toledo for the grandson of the painter Perez Villamil. It is built in modern style and is one the different art noveau style buildings we find in Madrid, like the Longoria Palace in Chueca. This style flourished in the beginning of the XX century and is connected to the development of the cities and the middle class. Innovative materials of this style were iron and glass. It wants to remind us of nature and therefore we find many plants and flowers in the decoration of the buildings. It was important that the different buildings could be distinguished by its original decorations. This building is a wonderful example of this arquitectural style which was soon substituted by modernism, which preferred no decorations, rationalism and an international style.

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