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Plaza de España

Statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in the Plaza de España

Plaza de España is located at one end of Gran Via and Calle de la Princesa. It is close to the Royal Palace.

On one corner we can see the Torre de Madrid, almost in front the Edificio España and opposite the park where one of Madrid´s most famous fountains can be found. It is dedicated to the two most famous characters oinSpanish literature, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.Cervantes Don Quixote was written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. The first part was written in 1605, the second in 1615.

It is also in Plaza de España where we have the bus-stop for the tourist buses.

The Fountain of Literature
In 1905 Alfonso XIII wanted to commemorate the III centenary of the second part of Don Quixote . The monument was to be paid for by public suscription. In 1915, the design chosen was the one presented by the sculptor Lorenzo Coullaut Valera and the two architects, Rafael Martinez Zapatero and Pedro Muguruza Otaño. The sculptor died in 1932 and his son finished the work. The main part of the sculpture was built in the 1920´s, but it was not finished until the 1960´s.
On the top we can see a representation of the five continents Dulcineaholding the Globe. The five continents are shown as women, for example Europe is wearing a helmet and America a hat with feathers. All five women are reading Quixote. The idea is that Quixote is known everywhere. It was also a way of thanking all those people from all over the world that had contributed with their money to make this project possible.
Torre de MadridOn one side of the sculpture we find Miguel de Cervantes sitting behind Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. On the right of Cervantes is a statue representing Dulcinea and on the left another one representing Aldonza Lorenzo.
On the opposite side, more or less at the same level as Cervantes is the sculpture of a woman representing Literature. Beneath it two other scupltures, one the Mysticism, the other the Militia.
On one side of the sculpture are some figures representing the Gitanilla (the Gipsy Girl), on the other Rinconcete y Cortadillo, two works also written by Cervantes.

The fountain is located in the middle of the Plaza de España and a main point for all tourists. Almost everyone wanst to have their picture taken standing next to Don Quixote.
Behind the sculpture we can see two buildings that were for years the highest in Madrid, the Torre de Madrid (Madrid Tower) and the Edificio España (Spain building). The latter is now empty and possibly being remodelled for a new future.

The Madrid´s Tower was built in 1957 and was the highest building in Europe until 1967. It is 142m high and has 37 floors.
The Edificio España is 117m high and has 25 floors. It was built in 1953.

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