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Plaza de Canalejas

Banco SantanderThis square is dedicated to Jose Canalejas (1854-1912), Prime Minister in 1910, who was killed by an anarchist in 1912.
Here we find some great buildings owned by banks. They wanted to show off their wealth in order to make people trust them. If they had money to build these buildings it meant they were capable of looking after people┬┤s money.Casa Allende

They idea was to make this square a sort of financial area, but it has become more a shopping area, a traditional shopping area with the Violeta, a sweet shop, a shop selling shirts and some cafeterias.Casa Allende
At the corner between Plaza de Canalejas and Carrera de San Jeronimo we find a building known as the Credit Lyonnais building, as this bank had a branch there. It is also known as casa Allende. It was designed by the architect Leonardo Rucabado and finished, after his death, by Saiz Martinez and Cabello Maiz in 1920. As we can see it shows a mixture of styles with a strange but interesting end result.

The Banco Hispano Americano building (now Banco Santander) was built by Eduardo Adaro, who also designed the building of the Bank of Spain. It was finished in 1905.

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