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Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel with Neptune fountainNext to the Neptune fountain, going up the Carrera de San Hall with dome in the Palace HotelJerónimo, at the Plaza de las Cortes, we can find the Palace Hotel, One of the classic luxury hotels in Madrid.

It was built at the beginning of the XX century, after the royal wedding of Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia of Battemberg. In those days there were not many luxury hotels so it was first decided to build the Hotel Ritz and then the Palace.

Before this time there used to be hostels or small guesthouses to offer lodging for the many tradesmen that came to the city.Cervantes Statue Many foreign visitor were very dissapointed as they used to be quite dirty and the service almost non-existened. These guesthouses used to offer "one with clean", which meant that the guest had to share the bed with another person and this person was supposed to be "clean".

Many of these hostels also had restaurants which apparently did not offer very good food. But their cafés were very popular and many people spent hours and hours in them discussing about religion and, above all, politics.

This hotel has over 400 rooms, 47 suites and 1 royal suite. It offers the visitor anything he or she could want. Even if you are not staying in the hotel, it is worth going and having a coffee in its hall with its wonderful dome.

Close to the hotel is a little park, where we can see a statue of Miguel de Cervantes.

Just in front of the Palace Hotel is the Parliament with its two lions witnesses of so many important events.

At about 5 minutes walk is the Thyssen-Museum on the left and the Prado Museum on the right, so the hotel is just inthe center of the art area of the city.

Quite near is also the area of Huertas street where many small tascas offer their best beer or wine always with tasty tapas.

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