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Oscar Latorre-Bosch: Fine Art Photography

A little bit of history

Oscar Latorre-BoschOscar Latorre-Bosch was born in Lerida . He has been living in Madrid for about 12 years, time he has been dedicated to his activities as photographer. As a child he attended a painting academy, but he had no intention of dedicating himself to art. After finishing his studies as Telecommunications Engineer he started to work for an important company. But after some years, he decided to do something completely different. It was time for a change.

He came to Madrid and was one of the first people using a digital camera. He took several courses about photography and got a master's degree in photography in 2005.

Currently he is a professional fashion and signature photographer.

He also teaches fashion photography. As he states, nowadays in this type of photography it is not so important that the clothes worn can be perfectly seen. It is more important to transmit a sensation with an impressive picture.

Since 2002 he has taken part in several exhibitions and has won several awards.

Photography and Fashion

He has a great visual ability for space and how to benefit from his models. He wants his Cool Skin by Oscar Latorre-Boschphotographies to suggest something to the viewer, to leave no one indifferent.

Talking about photography in general and in the last century, he states that before digital photography, photographers had to develop their skills in order to preview the end result of their work. They had less means and, above all, limited possibilities to change the photography once made.

Today there are programs that help you change the colours, take away imperfections, etc. Although Oscar works with these programs, he uses them in a way that changes are not perceived by the viewer.

Currently the world of fashion is also suffering the consequences of the economic world crisis and there is little activity. Apart from this, it has always been a closed circle, very difficult to break. In any case, Oscar makes books for models and continues working on this aspect of his activity.

Photographies for Exhibitions

Regarding his works for exhibitions, they can be divided into three different types:

Video-art: ID

ID by Oscar Latorre-Bosch






Latorre-Bosch made a collection of photographies of six different models, which he called ID. All of them wear their hair in the same style and have been photographed in front of the same background. Using the 'morphing' technique, the artist presents these six images in six different videos on screens. Very slowly the models undergo a metamorphosis fading into each other. For this effect he uses six TDT screens and a high definition player so that a high photographic quality is achieved.

As the faces we see change so slowly, you do not realize what is happening. You just feel that the picture is different. It is a strange feeling, because you do not see the face changing, although something makes you feel that the girl we see now is not the same we saw some minutes or even seconds ago. Oscar wants to raise the question of reality. When is the model really herself? Now, ten seconds ago or in two minutes? It is the human beings' real essence, the constant changing. ID was presented in 2008 at the VIth DEARTE Fair by the arte gallery Dionis Bennassar . It was bought by the Comunidad de Madrid in order to be part in its travelling exhibition ' Red Itiner '.

Tecno-art: The Observer

The Observer by Oscar Latorre-Bosch

Thanks to his knowledge in telecommunications, Latorre-Bosch has created a 'robot' that fixes its eyes on us. It is a big panel with several lines of 'eyes', a total of 64. Thanks to two web cameras and a pc, these eyes recognize the person that is in front of them and follow his or her movements. Oscar has called this work the 'Observer'. We look at the work of art, that also looks at us, so that we become a work of art ourselves.

This work was presented at the VIIth DEARTE fair , in 2009, by the art gallery Dionis Bennassar and bought by Caixa . It is going to be part of its travelling exhibition throughout Spain , 'Converging Technologies', which will start in summer 2010 and travel through the country for two years.

Signature Photography: Four Furs

Four Furs by Oscar Latorre-BoschCurrently Oscar is working on a new project. Part of it was presented at DEARTE Fair 2010. It is a group of four photographies called 'Four Furs'. Oscar explains that there are different approaches to the work of art. Sometimes the first thing we have is the ‘idea' which leads to the work of art. Other times, we start with the work of art and from it we can deduce its meaning. Now we reach a third way. In this case Oscar will do somehing completely different. As he tells us, the idea to make these photographies came up sudenly, not knowing why. Once he has finished the project he has in mind a new and innovative method to reach the reason behind his creation. We do not want to get ahead of the solution, but we think it will be an unprecedented experience which the author will make available to everybody on his webpage.

Oscar still has several other unfinished projects, so that we will be able to see new works that will not leave us indifferent. We hope that in short time the world of fashion will again provide opportunities for artists searching for a space in this difficult world. We are sure that Oscar Latorre-Bosch will be one of them and will continue astonishing us with his works.

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