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Naturbier - Brewery

NaturbierAt Plaza Santa Ana is one of the most popular bars of the area: Naturbier.Naturbier

This brewery was founded about 20 years ago by a man from Galicia. He liked German beer very much and thought it was a good idea to open a brewery in Madrid producing its own beer.

Althoug the owner has changed (still in Spanish hands) the beer is produced with the same quality standards by a German master brewer, Max A. Schmid.

First the malt is grinded and then soaked and cooked; the must is filtered and afterwards cooked with the hop. The must is then cooled and afterwards fermented for 4 weeks. Now the beer is ready to be stored.

The production is limited as they try to produce only what will be consumed and we can be sure,Max A. Schmid, master brewer that the beer we are drinking was produced the month before. No additives, antioxidants or preservatives are used, it is a 100% natural bier.

Downstairs Pump at the tableis a beer cellar  where clients can use a pump placed in the middle of table to fill their glasses. This cellar is open only during the weekend.

Naturbier also offers its clients Spanish food as well as different kinds of German saussages.

Although it is not a traditional Madrilian bar, it has become very popular in the last years and is well known. As you will probably visit Plaza Santa Ana during your stay, don not miss the opportunity to taste a splendid glass of beer.

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