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Bakery: Museo del Pan Gallego

Plaza de HerradoresThe Museo del Pan Gallego (Museum of Galician Bread) is a special bakery located in the Plaza de Herradores number 9.

This square is between the Calle Mayor and the Calle de Arenal. The name of the square , Herradores, means blacksmith.
It is the only bakery in Madrid that still bakes bread in a firewood oven.Museo del Pan Gallego

They say that in the beginning of the  last century people used to buy their bread here and then went to Casa Botin to eat it in front of the restaurant smelling the roasted lamb......

They also have other Galician delicacies: saussages, cheese, i.e. not a place for people on a diet!

It is at least worth buying a loaf a bread and tasting it like it used to be hundreds of years ago.

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