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Joaquin Sorolla

EntranceThe museum is located in the Paseo General Martinez Campos, 37, a street going from the Glorieta del Pintor Sorolla to the Glorieta de Emilio Castelar in the Paseo de la Castellana.
Joaquin Sorolla Bastida (1863-1918) was born in Valencia. From the very beginning he was mostly interested in painting in the open air. He studied in Paris, in Rome and in Madrid.
In 1889 he returned to Paris and was impressed by the wayPaseo a orillas del mar - Walk at the seaside - by Sorolla northern painters expressed the light. He is considered as an impressionist painter painting mainly beaches and popular clothes. In many of his paintings he shows children at the beach, women walking on the sand. The light he reflects is one of his characteristics.
In 1911 the Hispanic Society of America in New York commissioned him to paint a great decoration about the Spanish provinces. For eight years he travelled all over Spain looking for traditional dresses and clothes. He was a well known painter and participated in many exhibitions around the world.

Sorolla - photography dedicated to his wifeIn 1920 he suffered an hemiplegic attack after which he could not use his left arm. He died 3 years later in Cercedillanear Madrid.

Children at the beach by SorollaIn 1911 he built a house in Madrid in a quiet area, far from the crowded streets of the center. He combined both home and studio. He had three studios with direct access from the garden, a big living room, dining room and a little sitting room on the main floor. Upstairs were four bedrooms. Sorolla lived there with his family the last years of his life. He always wanted this house to become later a museum for his paintings.
The museum was opened in 1932. It shows his paintings and drawings, but also other works of art he bought during his life, sculptures, ceramics, photographies and such.

It is worth visiting not only because many of his paintings are in the museum, but also because the house is extremely beautiful.Garden Sorolla made different designs for his house and the end result is impressive. He also looked after the decoration of the different rooms and, for example, the dining room is exactly as it was when the family lived there.

FountainHe designed a big garden in Andalusian style divided into different areas with fountains.

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