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Descalzas Reales Convent

Descalzas Reales MonasteryThe Convent of the Descalzas Reales (Royal Barefeet) was built in the XVI century. First it was the palace where Carlos I and Isabel of Portugal lived. Their daughter, Juana founded the convent after her husband died. She is buried in the chapel of the convent.
It was a convent for aristocratic women, those who did not marry, the illegitimate daughters of kings or noblemen.....
The nuns living in the convent today belong to a closed order and take care of the monastery. It is open to the public and worth visiting to get an impression of what convent life was like centuries ago.

It has many paintings, Flemish tapestries and ornaments.

The Monastery is located in the Plaza de las Descalzas Reales, not far from the Puerta del Sol, between the Calle Preciados and the Calle Arenal.


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