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Madrid Pictures: San Isidro Cemetery

San Isidro Cemetery is probably one of the most important ones in Spain. It was built in the XIX century and most of its mausoleums and tombs belong to wealthy people of that time. The most important sculptors made the statues that ornate the mausoleums. Most of these statues are allegoric and few religious images can be found.
The oldest part of the cemetery is the most beautiful one, as the modern part includes includes some tasteless tombs that destroy the whole image of artisitic value.


Among the famous people buried in this cemetery we find the tomb of Juan Melendez Valdes, panish author of the XIX century. Just behind his tomb is the one were Goya was buried until his corpse was taken to San Antonio de la Florida.
Relief on Melendez Valdes┬┤tomb
Mausoleum with the angel by Ricardo Belver. He also made the statue of the Fallen Angel that we find in Retiro Park. This angel would be the opposite to the one in Retiro Park.
Another tomb with allegorical statues.
These four statues are located on the four cardinal points of a mausoleum.
Modern mausoleum.
White marble, golden letters and plastic flowers. If you love me, do not cry. Look for me in heaven. I ask all of you who have loved me to pray. That is the best proof of love.
Tombstone on a niche. In this case a little boy was buried. The name with exclamation marks is found on other tombs as well, as if the parents were crying out the name.
From Madrid to Heaven. This is a known sentence that has become a slogan for the city.

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