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Las Calatravas Church

This church is located at calle Alcala, 25.

Calatravas Church façadeThe Church
The real name of the church is Concepcion Real de Calatrava.
It is a good sample of Madrilian barroque style.
The architect of the building was Fray Lorenzo de San Nicolas. It was built between 1670 and 1678.  Inside are several chapels dedicated to the saint patrons of different brotherhoods.

The Calatrava order got its name from the city its monks defended from the moors. Not only monks, but also knights belonged to this order and it was always a great honour to become a member.

The exterior of the church was remodelled by Juan de Madrazo in 1858. It is of Renaissance style.

Above the main entrance is an imagen of the Immaculate Conception by Sabino Medina, Saint Raimundo of Fitero by Andres Rodriguez and Saint Diego Velazquez by Jose Pagniucci. All of them from the XIXth century.
In 1872 the convent of the Calatravas was demolished and only the church remains.

The Saints
InmaculadaIt seems that Saint Raimundo de Fitero was born in Saint Gaudens, France in the early years of the XIIth century.
He became a Cistercian monk and was afterwards sent to Spain as prior in a monastry.
He founded the Saint Mary of Fitero monastry.
Diego  Velazquez was a monk that he been soldier a friend of king Sancho. He met Raimundo in Toledo in 1158.
As the city of Calatrava was in danger of being attacked by the moors, which would have been a problem for the city of Toledo, Raimundo and Diego asked the king to let them defend the city. The king agried. They organized an army of monks, farmers and artisans. This army defeated the moors.
Raimundo died in 1163 and is buried in the cathedral of Toledo.

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