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La Venencia

 La Venencia

La Venencia is located in the Calle de Echagaray number 7, close to the Plaza de Canalejas.

It is a tasca specialized in all kinds of Spanish sherrys. The name of sherry in Spanish is Jerez, as it is the name of the city were it is produced and it is the guarantee of origin.
There are different types of sherry:

  • Fino: golden couloured with a light and dry taste.

  • Manzanilla: of a paler color than the Fino; it is very dry.

  • Amontillado: amber colored, smooth and naturally dry.

  • Oloroso: dark golden color, dry or slightly sweet.La Venencia

La Venencia does not offer many tapas, but you can taste their wonderful olives.

It is a very special place, with wooden panels and wine barrels. It usually opens at about 20:00.

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