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La Vaguada Mall

La Vaguada MallThe Vaguada Shopping Center was opened in October 1983 and was one of the first - if not the first - big mall in Madrid. It is a three-storey building. During the first years it was almost impossible to go there at weekends as everybody went there to shop. Nowadays many more malls have been opened and it is not as crowded, although on weekends many people stll choose to visit it.

It is open from 10:00 to 22:00 every day except Sundays, although it is also open the first Sunday of each month and on special holidays.Cesar Manrique (1919-1992)

You can find almost anything you want. There are many little shops and also larger stores like El Corte Ingles, C&A and Cortefiel.

There is also an Alcampo supermarket distributed on two floors.

On the third floor you will find many restaurants including McDonalds, KFC, Vips, Gino┬┤s and also little restaurants. There are also 9 cinemas.

As it is not in the outskirts of Madrid it is easy to reach by bus and also by underground.

The building was designed by Cesar Manrique, a famous painter and sculptor from Lanzarote, well known for all his work on his home-island. So on the roof we can see something resembling sails that give the Vaguada its special atmosphere. If you want to know more about this incredible artist, visit this website: Lanzarote.Cesar Manrique.

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