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La Posada del Peine

Posada del Peine

The Posada del Peine (The Comb Inn) is located at Calle Postas, next to one of the entranceCalle Postas arches to the Plaza Mayor.
This inn, today a four star hotel, was famous in its time because the owner used to buy all the apartments that he could in adjacent buildings. This is how the inn became a labyrinth passing from one building to the next but only in certain areas.

It became a very popular inn, with many people going in and out, which is why nowadays, when talking about a messy place, we say "it is like the Posada del Peine".

Today this hotel belongs to a hotel chain. It has been redecorated and is specially prepared for tourists, as it is in the center of the city. Therefore it is difficult to find a free room and it is advisable to reserve in advance.Posada del Peine

In the little square in front of the hotel is a nice terrace where you can spend time just watching people passing by. It is also a place where many "living-sculptures" usually stand offering their personal art.

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