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La Fuentecilla - Little Fountain

This fountain is located at the square of calle de Toledo, Arganzuela and Mira el Río Alta.

It was one of the most popular fountains in the city as they say its water was very good, so many people gathered aorund it in order to fill their bottles.

It was made in 1816 and designed by Alfonso Rodriguez, who is also the author of the Egyptian fountain in Retiro Park.

The fountain was built to honour king Fernando VII when he returned from his exile in France.

In the front part of the fountain we can see a quite strange bear and adragon. Both animals are on the coat of arms of the city.Between them is the inscription relation to the king and on both sides two coats of arms, one with the bear and the other one with the dragon.
Arganzuela tileAbove we can see a lion, symbol of the Spanish Monarchy, with two globes meaning that Spain was powerful in both hemispheres. The lion was made by Manuel Alvarez.
Calle Toledo was a very commercial street as it lead to Toledo and all visitors came through it. There were many taverns, inns and little shops or stands.

Calle Arganzuela gets its name from a farmer who was from Daganzos, a little village. He had a daughter and there a two stories regarding this lady. One says that she was very well known in Madrid and was even queen Isabel la Catolica´s friend. The other story is that she was very popular but due to another reason, her kindness regarding men......

Calle Mira al Rio Alta (Look at the River High Street) got its name from a flood in 1439. It seems that people were shouting the whole time: "Look at the river! Look at the river!". dragon, lion and bear

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