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Jose Palacios - Geometry and Colours

Jose Palacios

Jose Palacios is a 100% Madrilian artist. He is the third generation of Madrilians in his family. Living in the capital has influenced his life and inspiration. He lives in the center of the city, close to Gran Via.

Jose's mother was very fond of painting and craftmanship, this is why he never really thought about becoming a painter, he just was one. When they were kids, his mother always encouraged them to paint or have any artistic activity and Jose just went on and on.

Apart from painting, Palacios has another professional activity, he is graphic designer for an advertising agency, but he does not rule out that some day he may dedicate all his time to painting.


Geishas on VespasLiving in a city has been very important for Jose. The cultural offer is uncountable and as the painter is influenced by the world surrounding him, this kind of life has its effects on the artist. We do not only have paintings in museums or art galleries, but there are also billboards, patterned fabrics or prints on t-shirts.
Anything can inspire him, for example a photography in a newspaper. Before starting to paint, Palacios makes many sketches until he reaches the final design. Sometimes, while painting, the painting itself makes him change his opinion.
In order to chose the colours he uses the pc trying out the different possibilities.

Jose thinks that an artists is not obliged to suffer as we have frequently seen in movies or read in novels. Maybe because nowadays many artists also have another job and do not depend on a fluctuating market, especially in times of crisis. The artist suffers when he is not able of creating what is in his mind. At least for the moment, Palacios has enough ideas to go on painting for a long time. In fact, he would like the days to have more hours in order to have more time to paint.
Portrait of a Geisha

He believes that the borders between artists are disappearing, sculpture, painting, design, everything revolves around creativity, the artist's essence. Art is becoming a global activity. It cannot be limited. Photography and painting get together to create new techniques.

The artist can be 'out of date', but art will always be up-to date, everything is re-invented and re-used.

His work

His paintings show geometrical figures in different,strong colours. For Palacios it is very important, that the painting offers a flat aspect, as if it had been printed. He paints with brushes and a paint-roller. Once he has made the sketches, he needs about 80 hours to have the end result.
He defines himself as a figurative, cubist and pop artist. And this is what his works show us.
An item that is in all his paintings is a woman┬┤s shoe.Siesta
His works communicate optimism, not only because of the represented object, but also due to his bright colours.

Currently, he is working on several paintings dedicated to geishas. He likes their gestures and their colourful dresses. For the moment he will keep on painting them.


Jose Palacios has taken part in several collective exhibitions and an individual one. He also presented several of his work at last DEARTE Fair 2010. He works for an art gallery in Madrid, Actual Arte Contemporaneo, located at calle Claudio Coello, 24. There we can see some of his works.
To hold various art fairs at the same time in Madrid is something Palacios considers a good decision, although he suggests that they should be held at the same venue. Having these fairs so distant from each other, makes it very difficult for the general public or art collectors to visit them all. Putting them together, but separated, could be a way of increasing their importance.
Now he is preparing a new exhibition, which will be undoubtedly a great success. Until then we can just advise you to visit the art gallery where is paintings are at the moment.
If you want to contact Jose Palacios, click here.

Dancer Dancer
Dancing on the Street





Dancing on the Street

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Music Teacher

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Woman on Vespa


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