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Hat Shop: La Favorita

Teorodo Enguita and his son AntonioTeodoro Enguita was born in a small village in Soria. His father worked for RENFE, the Spainish railway company and was transferred to Madrid in 1890.

Once in the capital, Teodoro started working in a hat shop called "Las 3 B". This shop was exactly where the current "La Favorita" is located, at Plaza Mayor, 25. After some time he was in charge of the shop and highly regarded by the shop owners.

The shop next to the hat shop was closed and everybody encouraged Teodoro to open his own business there. It is just a curiosity, but the new shop had the same street number as the other one, Plaza Mayor 25.

Teodoro did it well and after some time was able to buy his former employer´s shop in 1894 and since that moment the business has been managed by the family.

In the picture we can see the proud Teodoro in front of hid shop. Next to him is his eldest son, Antonio, destined to follow his father´s job. Unfortunately, in 1918 a terrible flu epidemic devastated the country. La Favorita shop windowAntonio fell ill and finally died. He had a little brother, Maximino, whom his father wanted to study. He was then eleven years old and due to his brother´s death was the business heir. He had to leave school and start to help his father in the shop.

And this he did until until 1962, when his own two sons, Federico and Maximino, continued with the business.

Maximino died in 2003 when he was 96 years old, after a lifetime dedicated to his shop and spending his last years dedicated to his hobby: travelling. He was glad to see his shop in the hands of the fourth generation, Federico´s children, Federico and Marta who are now managing the business. In the picture we can see Federico with his mother, Maria Jose.

La Favorita is today one of the few hat shops that still exist in Madrid, if not the only one. In the time of its foundation the Plaza Mayor was more or less surrounded by hat shops, but little by little they were sold to open restaurants or souvenir shops.

Federico and Maria JoseYears ago almost everybody wore hats, but it is said that specially John Kennedy´s style made people stop wearing them. Until then all polititians had worn hats, but Kennedy was the first one to appear at official events without one.

But still many people like to wear hats or berets, more men that women.

Among their most famous clients was Spanish actor Francisco (Paco) Rabal who even mentions the shop in his autobiography. He always wore a cap which he bought here. When his grandson was born he brought him to shop to buy him his first cap.

If you see the famous picture of Che Guevara, be aware that the beret he was wearing came from La Favorita!

Nowadays La Favorita sells hats to all over the world through its webpage, specially South and North America.

In La Favorita they still sell Panama hats, Top hats, Cordoba hats, torero hats, i.e. the kind of hat you want, so do not hesitate and visit it. You will be welcomed!

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