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Fountain at Plaza de la Plateria Martinez

Almost in front of the Four Fountains we find a little square dedicated to the silversmith´s Martinez, which was in a beautiful building in the XVIII century.

King Carlos III decided that this building should house the school workshop for those that wanted to learn how to work silver and engrave.

King Carlos III liked silverwork very much and ordered Martinez´workshop to make several silver items for him. But the War of Independence and the French invasion almost destroyed this business.

Martinez died in 1798. His daughter´s husband, colonel Pablo Cabrero got the title of "Royal Warrant" from King Fernando VII . Pablo Cabrero was very interested in art and culture. When in 1823 King Fernando VII persecuted the members of the Ateneo, Cabrero offered his house to store the archives and furniture of the Ateneo which was returned later on.

His three sons inherited the business, which they rented to a company. The business declined and eventually also the building dissapeared.

image of FloraThe fountain was built in 1999 honouring the silversmith´s Martinez. It was designed by Heliodoro Martin Artola.

On the back there is an inscription remembering the workshop and the famous building.

The fountain is also called "Spring Fountain" as the image on the front symbolizes this season, the Roman goddess Flora.

Flora was the goddess of flowers, cereals and fruit trees. She was married to Favonius, the god of wind.

According to Greek mythology, this goddess is known as Chloris. She was married to Zephyr, also god of the wind, and mother of Spring. Zephyr gave her eternal youth and power over all flowers.

Flora is also regarded as one of the goddesses of fertility.

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