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Fernando Cobo - Urban Landscapes

Studies and influences


Times SquareFernando Cobo is a young painter, who already knows what success is. He was born in Madrid and has been a professional painter for many years.

His first contact with art took place in a small painting academy close to his home. In that moment it was just one more out-of-school activity for him. He started drawing, but soon discovered that he liked oil painting best. He was in that academy for nine years.

In those days he painted a lot of landscapes and still lives, a usuall thing while you are learning. In 1993 Fernando Cobo visited the exhibition dedicated to Spanish painter Antonio López at the Reina Sofia Museum. Lopez' paintings of the Gran Via, his urban landscapes, made Fernando decide that this was what he wanted to paint as well.

Fernando CoboWhile he was studying, he also had time enough to write a book for young adults and write book reviews. Future was becoming clearer: literature or art.

After finishing his studies of Biblioteconomy and Journalism, it was time to decide what to do. Just at that moment he made an exhibition in a famous Madrilian bookshop dedicated to urban landscapes. The exbibition was very successful. And finally Fernando Cobo chose painting. And painting chose him.

Among the painters that have influenced him are Antonio López, Edward Hopper and Richard Estes , apart from the Impressionists and the Spanish romantic artists.

Urban Landscapes

He does not think that he could have two different jobs at the same time. Plaza de España

As he paints specific buildings in Madrid, this has opened him a way to enter into the world of art collectors and those companies or private people, that ask him to paint their buildings.

His work is based on photographies, many of them taken by himself. He states that sometimes it is very difficult to find buildings to photograph, as there is always a scaffolding or an advertising canvas in front of them. One has to be patient and wait for the city to be finished (will that ever happen?).

For Fernando Cobo his natural style is realism. His works most remarkable characteristic is the way he paints light. He prefers to paint nice places, cosy and decorative spots. He does not pretend to reach photorealistic paintings. He wants the brushstroke to be seen, that the observer clearly realizes that he is front of a painting.

He prefers to paint on big canvases, like the one he painted of the Royal Palace seen from Plaza de España, which is 250 x 150 cm. He has painted over 200 urban landscapes.

Fernando Cobo has taken part in several national exhibitions. At an international level, he participated at Lineart in Belgium, the most important exhibition in Middle Europe, and at the show in Arte Genoa.

Madrid seen from Circulo de Bellas ArtesHe has painted urban landscapes from other cities as well, like Barcelona , Bilbao , Sevilla or Santander . In September de 2010 he is going to exhibit his works at Casa de Cantabria in Madrid .

He is also preparing two monorgaphic exhibitions about Madrid and New York . This project will take him aproximately four years, as he will paint mostly on big paintings. This is a very meticulous work and requires a lot of time.

Although he is very young, he has already been painting for 20 years. In the future he will also try new challenges, like the painting of nude femenine forms, but always in a realistic style.Cibeles Fountain

For Fernando Cobo Madrid is his ideal city. He avoids its negative aspects, like the traffic, as he has no car. He is, above all, an urbanite. Among the areas he likes best are the Gran Via, which he admires for its artistic and pictorial image. He also likes to walk in Fuente del Berro park, which he frequently visits.

Fernando Cobo also sells his paintings through internet. He has a blog, where he writes about his artistic activity. .

We are convinced, that in the next few years he will continue offering us splendid views of our beautiful city.


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