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Fans and Umbrellas: Casa de Diego


Casa de Diego is located at Puerta del Sol, 12, that is almost in the middle of Spain.

Manuel de Diego, born in Asturias, came to Madrid in 1823. In his hometown he worked making fans and umbrellas and therefore continued with the same business in Madrid. We do not know why he came to the capital, but probably looking for a broader market for his products.

Puerta del SolThe first shop was in a building behind Puerta del Sol, an area with little shops.
In 1862 Puerta del Sol was redesigned and the current shop opened.

Manuel de Diego had no children and his nephew inherited the business. Now the fifth generation manages it.

During the Spanish Civil War a bombshell went off in the Metro station and  a great part of the shop was destroyed. But nevertheless business went on.

shopwindowCasa de Diego´s last redesign took place immediately after the War in 1936. Even though the shelves and counters are from that time, the owners tried to make them as similar as possible to the original ones.

Selling fans and umbrellas Casa de Diego covers the needs of its clients during the whole year. Usually we need one or another.

Fans are  generally bought by Spaniards, about a 70%, although in summertime the number of tourists increases. Fans are bought during the whole year, but umbrellas only when it rains, so rainy autumns and winters and hot summers are welcomed by Casa de Diego.
They also sell walking sticks and Manila shawls.

Casa de Diego after the explosionThe umbrellas are made in their own factory quite near to Puerta del Sol, located at calle Mesonero Romanos, where they also make parasols.

Due to the increase of skin diseases they are selling more parasols each year.

The reason why we cannot use an umbrella as parasol is the different material they are made of. Usually umbrellas are made of nylon. Nylon does not protect us from the ultraviolet rays and walking in the sun with one would make the heat under it unbearable. That is why parasols are made of cotton.

Parasols also have a smaller cover. They are ment to protect only the face, not the whole fanbody.

The fans are all handmade in Casa de Diego´s factory in Valencia. We can find all kinds of designs, traditional and modern,  with different decorations and made of different materials.

Fans are still very popular in Spain. In summer many women will not leave without a fan in their handbag. You can see them fanning themselves while sitting on a terrace or using the underground. It is also one of Casa de Diegothe most typical Spanish presents one can make.

Casa de Diego has provided all royal families with their products. For example, Lady D´s wedding fan was made by them. Also Princess Leticia´s one. The products for  royal households are only made to order.
They also sell worldwide through their web page.

If you are in Madrid it is a shop worth visiting. No one should leave Madrid without a fan from Casa de Diego. It is a souvenir forever.

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