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Eugenio d´Ors Fountain

Eugenio d´Ors fountainEugenio d´Ors (1882 - 1954) was a Spanish writer, journalist, philosopher and covered all kinds of literary activities. As he was born in Catalunya, he wrote both in Spanish and Catalan.
After the Civil War as responsible of Arts he recovered the treasures of the Prado Museum in Geneve and brought them back to Madrid.

It seems that he liked to sit in front of the museum, where this fountain is now.

The complete name of the fountain is "Fuente conmemorativa de la enseñanza de Eugenio d´Ors" (Fountain commomorative of Eugenio d´Ors´ teachings).

The fountain is made of grey granite, red bricks, white stone from Colmenar, bronze and marble.

WisdomOn the front part we can read some sentences by D´Ors:

"Everything goes by, only one thing will count for you, your work well done. Noble is the person that demands, just a human being the person that renews his enthusiasm every day. Wise is the person that discovers the world order which includes irony. Father is the person that is responsible and policy is a patritian mission of service, which has to be catholic, i.e. universal, apostolic , i.e. chosen; Roman., i.e. only one. Also culture is only one, it is a free way of solidarity in space and continuity in time. Everything that is not tradition is plagiarism. Nature sins; idleness and solitute are unhealthy. That each person cultivates what he gets, as angelic present, in friendship and dialogue."ignorance

In front of these words are two figures in bronze. The woman symbolizes wisdon and the little dragon ignorance.

On the back is a marble medallion with Eugenio d´Ors´ profile.

The foutain was made by Victor d´Ors in 1957. The medallion by Federico Marés and the sculptures by Cristino Mallo in 1962.

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