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Corpus Christi Convent or Las Carboneras

Las CarbonerasThis convent is in the Plazuela del Conde de Miranda, behind the Plaza de la Villa.

It was founded in 1607 by Beatriz Ramirez de Mendoza, one of Queen Ana de Austria´s ladies. She wanted to build a convent for her daughter, who became the first abess.

The convent belonged to the Saint Jeronimo´s order. San Jeronimo el Real belongs to the same order.

In those days, convents and churches were built by kings and the nobility not only because of their religious feelings but also in order to show off their wealth. Corpus Christi ChurchIt was a very expensive undertaking as, apart from the church or convent, they also had to built the residence for the monks or nuns and the cloister. They usually  provided them with a annuity  which was foreseen in the founder´s testament. Many times the natural heirs did not follow their ancestor´s will.

The architecture was Miguel de Soria and the building has not been restored.

Over the entrance door is a relief of Saint Jerome and Saint Paula.

Inside the church is a painting, The Last Supper, by Vicente Carducho, a very original painting as it shows the last supper from a different point of view.

Last Supper by CarduchoThe nuns are also called Las Carboneras -the Charcoalers-, because some children found a painting of the virgen in the middle of a charcoal pile. The strange thing was, that the painting was not dirty. The virgin was called the Carbonera, and subsequently the nuns, las carboneras.

The church is exactly as it was when it was built. Inside we find a painting of Jesus, which seems to be the one Santa Teresa de Jesus took with her whenever she travelled.

The convent is a closed order. The nuns sell cookies and pastries they make. On the left is an old wooden door. You have to ring the bell, tell them what you want and they will open the door for you. The sell their pastries from 09:30 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 18:30

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