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Casa Labra

Casa LabraCasa Labra is located in the Calle Tetuan, 12 very close to the Puerta del Sol.

It was founded in 1860.

It has always been a very popular place. In the 1940 it was frecuently visited by Hemingway, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. It was also known because in those days many hookers could be found here, although prostitution officially did not exist......

On May 2nd 1879 the Spanish Socialist Party was founded in this tavern. The first president of the party was Pablo Iglesias.

Casa LabraThe speciality of Casa Labra are the cod tapas (wonderful) and croquettes. You will always see people eating and drinking on the street in front of the place as it is very small. The tapas are quite cheap and you must taste them!

You will see that Casa Labra has two doors. The door on the left takes you to the bar, where you can order your drinks; to get your tapas enter through the door on the right, as you will get them at a small counter there.

Casa Labra has also a very small restaurant with about 5 tables only. If you want to go, better make a reservation in advance.

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