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Casa de las Siete Chimeneas - House of Seven Chimneys

House of Seven Chimneys with Plaza del ReyThe House of Seven Chimneys is located at Plaza del Rey 1 and houses nowadays the Ministry of Culture. It is in the Chueca area.

It is one of the few buildings of XVIth century that still exist in Madrid. It was built between 1574 and 1577 and designed by the architect Antonio Silero.

Some years later it was enlarged and the seven chimneys built by which it was known since then.

Many stories have been told about the building. Some believe King Felipe II used it to lock one of his lovers in the building, when he decided to marry his fourth wife and mentioned lady started to be a nuisance.House of Seven Chimneys

The lady escaped and decided to marry a very old man in order to make the king jealous. She even asked her fiance to invite the king to the wedding, thinking he would do anything to stop it. The king not only accepted the invitation but also wanted to be the best man. It seems that she almost lost her mind and after the wedding went to the cellar and killed herself sticking a dagger into her heart.

Since then a ghost can be seen on  the roof looking in the direction of the Royal Palace, where the old Alcazar used to be.


It seems that the ghost prefers nights with bright moonlight, so maybe you are lucky and can see it!
Another story, a little bit different, is about a young lady whose husband died in the Battle of San Quintin.

She was completly distressed and finally died. But her body disappeared. Some say her father buried her in the walls of the building. Some days later he hung himself.

House of Seven ChimneysThe end result of the story is the same, a ghost walking on the roof at night.

A third story says that the house was built to lock in it an illegitimate daughter of King Felipe II, who went crazy.

In any case, as you can see, King Felipe II is mentioned in all stories.

The truth is that in the XIX century the building housed the Bank of Castille and underwent several changes. While the workers were in the cellar they found a woman´s skeleton with a dagger in her heart.Statue dedicated to Lieutenant Jacinto Ruiz

In 1960 the building was again renovated. This time they found a man´s skeleton buried in the walls.

Maybe we have to wait for another renovation to find more skeletons in the building. It is just a question of time.

Anyway, the building is beautiful and the square in front of it was originally the garden of the house. In it is a statue dedicated to lieutenant Jacinto Ruiz, one of the heroes of May 2nd who fought the French together with Daoiz and Velarde.

In front of the House of Seven Chimneys, on the side of the square is a beautiful palace that still belongs to Godoy´s heirs. 

Godoy, Queen Maria Luisa´s lover, had married Maria Teresa de Borbon y Villabriga, Palacio de RuspoliCountess of Chinchon. This marriage allowed him free access to the palace as he was married to a member of the Bourbon family. So they thought the rumors regarding his relationship with the Queen could be silenced.

Countess of Chinchon by GoyaIt was not a happy marriage as Godoy, before and at the same time, also had a relationship (some say he was even married to her) with Josefina Tudo. After his wife´s death, Godoy finally married Josefina. They had two sons.

Godoy and the Countess of Chinchon had a daughter, Carlota, who married an Italian nobleman, Camilo Ruspoli. Their descendants still live in the Palacio de Ruspoli, in front of the House of Seven Chimneys. It seems that the upper part of the building has been divided into luxury apartments, while the family lives on the floors below.

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