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Oldest restaurant in the world: Casa Botin

Part of the first Wall of MadridLocated in the Calle de Cuchilleros, 17 this was once a small inn, where muleteers and traders stayed.

In this area many streets got their names from the trades whick took place in them. In this case Cuchilleros (Cuters).

In the XVI century there was a wine cellar, where we  now find one of the rooms of Botin.

Going downstairs we enter this old wine cellar and touching the wall on the right we will be touching the original first wall of the city of Madrid.

Soon the cellar was replaced by the current building, an inn that also had rooms to let.

The oven was built at that time and has been working Botin-first floorcontinously since then as it is said this kind of oven cannot cool down. This means that it has been working for more than 200 years.

Nowadays the first and second floor are also part of the restaurant.

The most popular dish is the cordero asado (roasted lamb) or the cochinillo (suckling pig). These are typical Spanish dishes you have to taste.

Botin is considered by the Guinness Books of Records the oldest restaurant in the world.

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