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B.- Bourbon Kings

Carlos II by Carreño

In 1700, when Carlos II died without descendants, his nephew Phillip of Anjou, was chosen as the new Spanish King with the name of Felipe V. He was the first Bourbon king of Spain. There was another pretender from the House of Habsburg , Charles III of Spain, who was supported by the old kingdoms of Aragon, Cataluña and Valencia. This was the beginning of the War of  Spanish Succesion.

Felipe V had the support of his grandfather, the French King Louis XIV, the Sun King, who wanted to make France the most powerful  country in Europe.

Carlos III pretender to the throne of SpainEngland, the German Empire and Holland were in favour of Carlos III. They did not want France to be so powerful. But when Carlos became emperor of the German Empire with the name of Charles VI, they preferred to sign a Peace Treaty with France and Spain, as they thought that a possible union between Germany and Spain (like in the times of Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany) could be more dangerous. This treaty was signed in 1713.

Spain lost its possessions in the Netherlands, Italy as well as Menorca and Gibraltar.
As the Catalonians had supported Carlos III, Felipe V´s army finally defeated their resistance. As their penance Felipe V abolished all the privileges they had had since the times of the Catholic Monarchs. All the other kings had always been kings of Castilla and Aragon, but Felipe V was the first King of Spain.

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