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06. - Jose I (1768-1844)

Jose IAlthough Jose I does not belong to the Bourbon Kings, we will mention him here, as his reign onlyJuly Clary represents a short interval.

Jose I, Napoleon´s eldest brother, was King of Spain from 1808 until 1813.

He became king after Fernando VII´s plot against his father Carlos IV. He was succeeded by Fernando VII.

He promulgated a liberal and enlightened Constitution, which was not well received by the Spaniards.

People called him 'Pepe Botella' as they said that he was a drunkard, but this seems not to be true. They also called him 'Rey Plazuelas' because he built many squares in the city, the Plaza de Oriente being one of them.

During his reign the Independence War took place and he finally leftSpain in 1813.

Desiree Bernadotte by GerardJose emigrated to America after his brother Napoleon´s final defeat at Waterloo.

He was married to July Clairy, a merchant´s daughter of Marseille. Her sister, Desiree, had been Napoleon´s first fiance before he met Josephine. Desiree afterwards married General Bernadotte who eventually became king of Sweden.

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