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02. - Luis I (1707-1724)

Luis I by HouasseLuis I, son of Felipe V and his first wife, Maria Luisa de Saboya, reigned for only 7 months.

Felipe V had decided to abdicate the throne in favour of his son. This was motivated by the interests of Felipe´s second wife who wanted her husband to be available to become king of France. His nephew Louis XV of France was still a minor and quite ill,  so they thought that there might be an opportunity for Felipe V to become king of France.s

Luis I had married Luisa Isabel de Orleans, who was not very popular as she wasLuisa Isabel de Orleans by Jean Ranc known for being rather extravagant. When she came to Spain she could neither write nor read.

The reign of Luis I has no significance in Spain´s history. First of all it only lasted seven months, additionally because the real power was located in the Granja de San Ildefonso where his father, who was still leading the country, lived.

Luis I died from smallpox. It has to be said that during his illness his wife looked after him solicitiously. After his death she was sent back to France and Felipe V reigned again as his second son was still a child.

Luisa Isabel de Orleans returned to Paris, but her behaviour was scandalous even for the French. So her parents-in-law asked her to enter a convent if she wanted to continue receiving her allowance. Her behaviour in the convent did not change. Eventually she was allowed to live in Paris again, but she had to adapt her lifestyle to the money she received from the French monarchy. She died in 1742 alone and forgotten.

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